Rugby – Junior Clubs & Schools


I love Rugby, it’s such an exhilarating sport and I experience such varied emotions watching, be it an international one or my son’s school/club game.

At such a young age one expects the game to be played accordingly and if the coach and parent wants their kids to play in an older age group then that is their prerogative. What I can’t understand is when they knowingly allow kids that are older to play in a younger age group. My son is quite big for his age but his EQ is on par with the rest of his squad.

The reason I bring this up is because yesterday his team played another local one and four of the boys in the other team were older! So there were 9/10 year old kids vs kids turning 12/13 in the opposing team.  They were bigger and obviously wiser.

We asked to have them removed from the game, unfortunately it was only done at half time, unbeknown to us they kept two on the field. And then an injury occurred to one of our boys in the second half, I can’t say if it was one of the older boys or just having played too hard a game where the older boys skill outplayed ours but that kid will be out of rugby for the rest of the season.

One of the older boys who had carried on playing, through a punch at one of our boys & when their coach was told about it his response was “the Ref never saw it!”. I could quite easily have given that coach a punch too.

This was the first time I considered an alternative sport for my son. In my opinion that coach and his team should be suspended for the rest of the season…

It’s so sad, where is the integrity of the coaches, parents or players? There are rules made by the DRSU regarding being Boksmart and having birth certificates etc but none of that was at hand yesterday. Then again I wonder if some of those boys even had birth certificates. Where are the sporting authorities when you need them?


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  1. Ooh! If I were there and it was my kid playing I would take him off the field and convince the other parents from the team to do the same. A game like this should be stopped immediately and the other coach and ref for that matter should be suspended!